Accursed: My First Kickstarter

Greetings, readers! Today’s Friday the 13th, the perfect day to launch the kickstarter for my new RPG setting for Savage Worlds called Accursed.
Accursed is a dark fantasy setting where players take on the roles of classic monsters fighting back against the evil that threatens their world. I could talk about the setting all day, but if you want to know more, I’m going to point you towards the official Accursed Blog.
Instead, I want to talk about kickstarters today. When John Dunn, Jason Marker, and myself decided to do a kickstarter for Accursed, we knew we didn’t want to screw around.
We wanted to do this right.
Here’s the awesome cover for Accursed by Alberto Bontempi!
We looked at a bunch of kickstarters that have failed, and even worse, kickstarters that succeeded and then never produced a product (such as Dwimmermount). This fate was not going to happen to us. 
We analyzed over 30 different RPG kickstarters, trying to figure out where they went right (such as Fate Core) and where they went wrong. Then, we took those observations and applied them to our own launch.
Talking about the things we learned would be a very very long conversation, but I do plan to get more into that once the Accursed kickstarter is over and I have some real-world experience to back up my research!
One piece of feedback that we received that I thought was very insightful was that “you shouldn’t let your caution overshadow your love and passion for the project.” It is true that we were very, very focused on doing this kickstarter responsibly, but it is equally important to communicate how excited you are about the project as well.
Speaking of being excited about the project, I’d like to ask all my readers to please take a moment and spread the word about the Accursed Kickstarter—and most importantly of all—why you think it is special. Your help and support means the world to me, and I deeply appreciate it.

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