Witches, Banes, and Murder: The Accursed RPG Setting

Greetings readers! I’ve been a bit quiet lately because I’ve been busy working on the launch of a new RPG setting for Savage Worlds, named Accursed.

Accursed has its own blog site located here:

To put things shortly, Accursed is a dark fantasy setting where Hellboy meets Ravenloft — the player characters are all versions of classic monsters, from the Vargr (werewolves) to the Golems (Frankenstein’s monster) struggling to free the land of Morden from the vile influence of the evil Witches.

I’m developing Accursed in tandem with two colleagues: Jason Marker and John Dunn. It’s very exciting to work on such a creative and unique product with talented guys like John and Jason — we have a ton of passion for this project and the ideas are just flowing like a river.

Keep an eye on the Accursed blog site for more information to come!

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