Accursed Worldbooks Kickstarter Live!

Ever since we published Accursed in 2013, the most common question I get from fans is, “When can we find out more about the world of Morden?”

We’ve actually been hard at work creating more content for Accursed, including adventures like Fall of the Tower, Grove Point, and Darkest Tides, plus new card decks of NPCs and Monsters. In addition to all that, John Dunn, Jason Marker, and myself put our noses to the grindstone and came up with what fans were asking for: more material discussing the world of Morden, long held beneath the Witches’ conquest and home of the Accursed.

Jason and I wrote Frost and Fang, a book about Valkenholm and Steppengrad. John and Jason collaborated on Science and Sea, which gets into the Discordian Sea and the technologically advanced nation of Manreia.

We are joined by George Zeits and Chris Avellone’s excellent book, Sand and Stone, chronicling Hyphrates and Hebron–the first step down the road that inspired the rest of us. There’s another book, as well — Bone & Barrow, focusing on the Outlands and Cairn Kainen!

We’re excited to bring Frost and Fang, Science and Sea, and Bone and Barrow to our fans, but we need your help. The goal is to make these books to the same level of art and production quality as the rest of the Accursed line, and so we’ve launched a kickstarter to help fund this project.

If you are a fan of Accursed, if you like the idea of a well-developed dark fantasy setting, if you love the concept of “Hellboy meets Solomon Kane,” please take a look at our kickstarter page and consider backing us to bring these great books to life!

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