The New Guard: Nathan Dowdell

While I was at Origins this year (2018), I had a conversation with Eric Simon about awards speeches. We discussed what makes a great awards speech, and Eric’s opinion was quite interesting to me. He said that one thing he would love to do in an awards speech is not just acknowledge those who had mentored him, but to also promote the young, up-and-coming creators he believed would be soon on the same stage.

This idea got me thinking about several creators that I personally know–many of whom are good friends–and how I could promote them and their work.

This is the first of a new series of blog posts celebrating the “New Guard,” talented game designers, developers, artists, and writers who are–in my opinion–destined to be standing on awards stages for our tabletop hobby. Eric deserves his own mention here, but I’m going to single out a very deserving friend for this post: Nathan Dowdell.

I first encountered Nathan during my time working on Dark Heresy. Nathan had a very interesting blog where he was creating additional fan content for Dark Heresy on his own time. I saw quality work there, so I invited him to do some work with me on the FFG 40K lines.

This was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

Nathan Dowdell is a highly talented and proficient writer. He’s also a great creator, and from the work I’ve seen from him at Modiphius, he’s got serious chops as a developer as well.

In addition to all that raw skill, Nathan is a seriously all-around good guy and professional. He and I have worked together numerous times, and I would love to work more with him again in the future.

What humbles me about Nathan is his generosity. He was very giving of his time and advice and feedback when I visited him in Nottingham last year. He’s been a tireless crusader for my own work, Wrath & Glory, sallying forth on Reddit and other sites to defend my creation and explain his opinions of its quality. He did all this AND ran my game on Free RPG Day!

I am not the only beneficiary of Nathan’s generosity, either. Ask any of the writers, editors, and proofreaders working with Nathan on Star Trek Adventures or any other project he’s led, and you’ll find a lot of loyalty and strong positive feelings there.

Nathan’s an up-and-coming creator in our industry. I have no doubt that I’ll be clapping for him to receive many accolades in the years to come.

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