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Interview Time: Shane Lacey Hensley

Greetings readers! Shane is no stranger to wearing a convention badge! Today we have a great interview with Shane Lacy Hensley, the head Savage at Pinnacle Entertainment Group and creator of the Savage Worlds RPG system. Shane is also a novelist and has some impressive credits in the Video Game industry as well, from City

Accursed Reddit AMA Happening Now!

We’re running an Ask Me Anything on Reddit for Accursed today starting at 1 PM CST. Feel free to drop by and ask any questions you want about Accursed to Ross Watson, the lead developer!

Tracon Report: A Rogue Warden goes to Finland

A Finnish werewolf in Helsinki Greetings readers! This blog post is all about my recent journey to the Nordic country of Finland to attend Tracon 8 as the roleplaying Guest of Honor. It’s going to be a pretty long report, since I was in Finland for almost a week. I met a ton of great

Accursed: My First Kickstarter

Greetings, readers! Today’s Friday the 13th, the perfect day to launch the kickstarter for my new RPG setting for Savage Worlds called Accursed. Accursed is a dark fantasy setting where players take on the roles of classic monsters fighting back against the evil that threatens their world. I could talk about the setting all day,

Interview Time: Andrew Fischer

Andy’s not sure about what he’s getting into here… Greetings, readers! Today I’m very pleased to welcome Andrew Fischer to Rogue Warden. Andrew (or “Fish,” as we called him) was a part of my RPG team at Fantasy Flight Games, and I considered him then and now as a bright, energetic, and talented game designer.

Lessons from Gen Con 2013

Greetings, readers! Last week was Gen Con in Indianapolis, and I was very happy to be there for all five days. Yeah, Gen Con is basically the best FIVE days in gaming in 2013, especially with the fine folks at the Kentucky Fried Gamers guild running all kinds of games on Wednesday at the back

Gen Con, Schedules, and Future Plans

Greetings, readers! It’s been a busy time here at the Rogue Warden fortress-monastery, and it’s a good time for a quick update as Gen Con 2013 approaches this week. One of my favorite things about Gen Con is getting a chance to talk to fans and other designers. If anyone wants to catch up with

Professionalism in Gaming: Art Direction

Greetings readers! This week, I’d like to take some time to talk to you about how to direct artwork and artists in the RPG industry. I first started working as an art director when I joined Fantasy Flight Games full-time in 2008 as the Senior RPG Developer for the Warhammer 40,000 Roleplay line. Since then,

Interview Time: Lee Garvin

Greetings readers — I am very pleased to have an interview this week with Lee Garvin. Lee is a talented game designer with an impressive pedigree in the industry, having been the guiding force behind Tales From The Floating Vagabond and The Noble Wild. Lee Garvin and his handsome dog, Mal. Lee’s also a gifted

Review: Shaintar: Legends Arise

Greetings readers… today’s blog features a review of an epic fantasy setting for Savage Worlds called Shaintar: Legends Arise. Beware the hat. I should start out this review by explaining that I’m biased when it comes to Shaintar. First, the author is Sean Patrick Fannon – a personal friend and colleague that I have interviewed

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