Month: May 2012

My Tragic Love Affair with Rifts

Here’s the thing: I love the Rifts RPG. This is not to say that it doesn’t have flaws—it has many—and it is not to say that I love every product in the line (I don’t). But overall, Rifts as an RPG setting is, IMHO, both very original and awesomely inspiring. There are tons of cool

King for a Day: Palladium Books

Continuing in the vein of both my King for a Day concept (wherein I blog about what I would do if I were somehow in charge of stuff) and in the recent posts about Palladium books, today’s post is all about both of those things deliciously smashed together like peanut butter and chocolate. Suddenly I

Interview Time: John Dunn

I’m taking a quick break from my more introspective blog posts to do some interviews with guys I know in the RPG industry. Never fear, gentle reader—I have lots more to say about Palladium’s books, Superhero RPGs, and I have a bunch of reviews I need to get around to writing. Just be patient… they’ll

Publisher Profile: Palladium Books, Part 2

Last post, I went over many things about Palladium Books—as a publisher—that I really like and admire, which mostly has to do with their portfolio of awesome games and game settings. This post is going to be different. Very different. In keeping with my ground rules, I’m doing my best to ensure that there’s no

Publisher Profile: Palladium Books (Part 1)

I decided to put up something new on the blog today; a “publisher profile,” where I talk about a particular RPG publisher and describe some of my thoughts on their portfolio, business practices, and anything else that comes to mind. Having a taste for alliteration, I chose Palladium as the first company to discuss in

Superhero Studies, Part 4

In the last few instances of Superhero Studies, we’ve looked at the great, the good, and the bad. Now it’s time for the Weird! That’s right folks, let Matter-eater Lad show you the way it’s done. When it comes to RPGs, I have an attraction towards the strange and unusual. I own several books—Eldritch Ass

Superhero Studies, Part 3

Lately I’ve been mentally comparing my Superhero Studies series of blog articles to the spaghetti western “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.” Using that film’s title as a building point, the first two articles in this series were about the “Good”—so, gentle reader, you ought to have an idea of where this is going

Superhero Studies, Part 2

Last post, I started out my “superhero studies” with a look at my personal top 10 favorite superhero RPG products. However, there’s much more to the superhero RPG genre that just the ones I mentioned as being my top picks. In fact, it was quite a struggle during the selection process because there were so

Superhero Studies, Part 1

I’ve been a superhero RPG fan for a long, long time. It all started when I chose to branch out from D&D during the 80’s with the original DC Heroes RPG from Mayfair. From there, I graduated to the color-coded charts of the TSR Marvel Super Heroes game and was eventually introduced to GURPS Supers