Month: March 2013

Professionalism in Gaming—Giving a Damn

Fair warning, gentle reader; today’s post is one that is highly personal to me and my writing is going to have a fair bit of my own emotions poured into it. For professionals in the gaming industry, it can be easy to take the job for granted. I’ve found that this concept is just as

Being a Good RPG Player

So, this week I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about what it takes to be a good RPG player rather than a GM. I’m actually in the process of wrapping up a very successful Shadowrun campaign as the GM, and I have to say that this game would not have been nearly as fun

Professionalism in Gaming – Getting Paid

Greetings readers, this week I want to talk about some factors of working in the gaming industry—namely, getting fair compensation for your work. This is actually part of a panel I’m scheduled to give at Gen Con this year alongside my co-conspirators John Dunn and Jason Marker. The panel is titled “Professionalism in Gaming” and

Interview Time: Sam Stewart

Greetings readers! This week I have an interview with Sam Stewart, Senior RPG Producer at Fantasy Flight Games. Sam and I worked together for over three years at FFG and Sam was the first person I turned to for help with the various Warhammer 40,000 RPGs. Sam’s work was instrumental to the success of Rogue