Month: April 2013

RPG Talk: Game Venues

Greetings readers, I’m compelled this week to discuss something near and dear to my heart: Gaming venues. One of the big factors in an RPG is the venue; where are you playing the game? Yeah, this happens! Most often, RPGs that I’ve been involved in have taken place in someone’s home. However, that hasn’t always

Building Character

Greetings readers – this has been a busy month. I’ve been working on a new RPG setting with two friends and colleagues, Jason Marker and John Dunn. In addition, I wrapped up design work on the Shadowrun skirmish miniatures game, Sprawl Gangers. I started some freelance RPG development work. Lastly, I did some additional writing

Interview Time: Ed Stark

Greetings readers! This week I have another special interview with a luminary of the gaming industry: Ed Stark. Ed has an amazing pedigree as a game designer, having worked at West End Games, TSR, and Wizards of the Coast amongst many others.  The man, the myth, the legend: Ed Stark I first became aware of

RPG Design: Game Balance

Greetings, readers – this week I want to talk about a hot topic in the modern marketplace for RPGs: Game Balance. Fair warning! This is a somewhat controversial topic and is no doubt going to cause disagreements. Game balance is a term that can mean a number of things, depending on whom you ask. There’s

Embrace the Crazy

It’s been a year already? Greetings readers, and welcome to the one-year anniversary of Rogue Warden. I started this blog one year ago, and it’s nice to look back and see how it has gone. How did I do? I wrote 41 posts in one year, which is 11 posts short of one per week