Month: May 2013

Shadowrun 4: A New Matrix Paradigm

From time to time I like to play around with game design elements of RPGs (and other games, often miniature games) that I really enjoy. Over the last year, I’ve played a lot of Shadowrun 4th edition and I’ve grown to count it amongst one of my favorite RPGs. To be fair, Shadowrun 4th has

Professionalism in Gaming: Managing Freelancers

Greetings, readers – this week’s blog is all about another topic I feel strongly about; managing freelancers. I’ve been very lucky in my career to have worked with dozens of different freelance writers, editors, artists and proofreaders on various projects from D20 to the Warhammer 40K Roleplay system. It is important to note that for

Interview Time: Tim Huckelbery

Greetings readers, it’s interview time here on Rogue Warden again! This week I am very pleased to present a talk with my friend and former colleague at Fantasy Flight Games and Games Workshop, Tim Huckelbery. Behold Tim in his Blue-Shirted Glory! I’ve known Tim for several years, having first met him back in 2003 when