Month: August 2013

Interview Time: Andrew Fischer

Andy’s not sure about what he’s getting into here… Greetings, readers! Today I’m very pleased to welcome Andrew Fischer to Rogue Warden. Andrew (or “Fish,” as we called him) was a part of my RPG team at Fantasy Flight Games, and I considered him then and now as a bright, energetic, and talented game designer.

Lessons from Gen Con 2013

Greetings, readers! Last week was Gen Con in Indianapolis, and I was very happy to be there for all five days. Yeah, Gen Con is basically the best FIVE days in gaming in 2013, especially with the fine folks at the Kentucky Fried Gamers guild running all kinds of games on Wednesday at the back

Gen Con, Schedules, and Future Plans

Greetings, readers! It’s been a busy time here at the Rogue Warden fortress-monastery, and it’s a good time for a quick update as Gen Con 2013 approaches this week. One of my favorite things about Gen Con is getting a chance to talk to fans and other designers. If anyone wants to catch up with