Ross Watson

Thornton, CO 80241
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Work Experience

Star Anvil Studios, Clinton, Missouri, USA 2022-Present

Partner and Chief Operating Officer

Oversees project management, production, crowdfunding, marketing, and coordination with other businesses.

Ulisses Spiele, Remote 2017-2022

RPG Line Manager

Designed and developed all game elements, including the game system, vision for the product line, crowdfunding plans, and production schedule. Managed two teams; a team of freelance writers and editors to build the game’s content and a team of graphic designers for art and layout. Wrote art orders and reviewed material for game balance, clarity, and consistency.

  • Designed the Wrath & Glory RPG and helped manage a transition of this game from one publisher to another in 2020. Initial pre-sale of the core set raised over $400k. Sales after transition to the second publisher are strong and the line continues as of 2022.
  • Designed the Myth: Tales of Legend RPG by adapting the setting from the Myth board game by Megacon games. Game line included a player’s guide, gamemaster’s guide, adventure guide, a quickstart (published on DrivethruRPG) and a boxed starter set.
  • Assisted in design for the TORG: Eternity RPG and was given the lead on developing new setting material for the core game. Wrote the Living Land sourcebook (the first published expansion), adventures, and other material to flesh out the game line’s first year of content.

Evil Beagle Games, Thornton, CO 2014-2017

Managing Director

Oversaw restructuring of the business to reduce reliance on a single game line and helped establish growth to four additional game lines. Developed new marketing and crowdfunding strategies to increase overall revenue. Optimized workflow from writing, to editing, to layout and production. Created and implemented the company’s strategic planning and product schedule. Managed the production of licensed work on major game titles.

  • Established four additional product lines of roleplaying game supplements and managed budgets for each to ensure profitability.
  • Sourced and acquired a substantial library of layout and graphic design elements still in the use in the company as of 2022.
  • Oversaw production, design, and layout for several Savage Worlds licensed products, including the Savagely Useful line and the Savage Worlds version of Primeval Thule.
  • Acted as Lead Developer for the Savage Worlds: Rifts RPG line and the Aaron Allston’s Strike Force campaign sourcebook. The former raised over $438K on kickstarter. The latter would go on to win a gamer’s choice award in 2016.

Ross Watson Consulting, Thornton, CO 2011-2017

Founder and Owner

Consulted with several RPG game companies to assist them in growing their game lines and producing high-quality products for the market. Created story and narrative design for tabletop and video game products.

  • Created, developed, and crowdfunded the Accursed setting for Savage Worlds, which is a platinum seller on DrivethruRPG.
  • Consulted with Catalyst Game Labs on Shadowrun 5th Edition.
  • Designed numerous products for Pinnacle Entertainment Group, Privateer Press, and Wyrd Games.
  • Wrote story material for several board and card games, including Game of CrownsEmpire: EngineLost Legacy, and Mythic Vale, which won an Origins Award.

Tindalos Interactive, Remote 2016

Writer, Battlefleet Gothic: Armada

  • Created all major characters and NPCs and crafted the game’s overall voice/tone.
  • Wrote all dialogue for the game, including all character dialogue and “barks.”
  • Wrote all cutscenes, including intro and ending scenes.
  • Wrote branching path narratives based on player choice during the single-player campaign, comprising 29 main missions and 6 side-quest mission types.
  • Wrote scripts for promotional material, including trailers.

Hammerfall Publishing, Remote 2015

Narrative Designer, Warhammer 40,000 Regicide

  • Concepted, designed, and implemented the game’s complete narrative experience.
  • Collaborated with the development team to ensure proper implementation and alignment of the game’s narrative.
  • Created a 50-mission single-player campaign guiding the player from the tutorial through to the final mission.

Vigil Game Studio, Austin TX 2011-2013

Designer, Darksiders II and Dark Millennium Online

Wrote dialogue, created quests, and designed areas for AAA video game products. Designed narrative story elements for three DLCs.

Dark Millennium Online (Game Cancelled)
  • Wrote quests, designed areas, and acted as IP consultant for an action-RPG MMO.
Darksiders II
  • Wrote dialogue, quests, and all item descriptions.
  • Concepted and designed story for three DLC expansions; crafted NPCs and quest chains.

Fantasy Flight Games, Roseville, MN 2008-2011

Senior RPG Developer

Helped build a team of experienced RPG designers, editors, and art directors to create award-winning content. Oversaw the development, graphic design, and production of dozens of products. Set budgets, performed layout, organized marketing efforts, and acted as the primary contact for an international licensor. Designed game systems and elements that were carried forward into further editions.

  • Oversaw the development and design for the Warhammer 40,000 Roleplay brand through four distinct game lines: Dark HeresyRogue TraderDeathwatch, and Black Crusade. The line has won numerous industry awards and consistently placed in the top five highest-selling game lines in the tabletop RPG industry from 2008-2011.
  • Grew the brand from one line with five products to four lines with over 40 products during my tenure at FFG. The Rogue Trader and Deathwatch core game books were recognized as Fantasy Flight Games’ sales leaders for 2009 and 2010.
  • Assisted with design and writing for the Star Wars: Edge of the Empire RPG.
  • Acted as IP expert, playtester, and consultant on numerous card games and board games, including Horus HeresyRelicChaos in the Old World, and Descent 2nd Edition.

Games Workshop US, Glen Burnie, MD 2003-2005

Copywriter and Promotions Editor

Wrote marketing copy and created numerous articles for the US edition of White Dwarf magazine. Contributed content to the Black Gobbo online magazine and the US web store. Assisted with content for the most substantial physical product catalogs in the company’s history.

  • Edited magazine articles, marketing copy, promotional materials, and company training manuals.
  • Assisted with editing for online articles, marketing, and announcements for the US web store.

Citizen Games, Louisville, KY 2002-2003

D20 Line Editor

Assisted with writing, editing, and development of d20 products.

  • Managed a team of writers to help create the Way of the Witch sourcebook and the NPC sourcebook 1,000 Faces: Villains and Scoundrels.